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Moganshan was thus named because famous sword makers Mo Ye and Gan Jiang ever made swords here in the Spring and Autumn Period. It is one of the four summer resorts in China. Located in Moganshan Region in west Deqing County in Huzhou city of Zhejiang Province, Moganshan International Tourist Resort is composed of Yucun Town and 10 administrative villages, including Laoling Village and Wusi Village, with total area of 58.77 square kilometers.

The resort boasts profound historical and cultural deposit and superior natural and ecological resources. Men of letters in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, including Shen Yue and Yu Xin and many other historic and cultural celebrities had deep connection with Moganshan. Early in Republic of China period, Moganshan was a renown resort with international reputation. Now, there are more than 200 well-preserved modern and contemporary buildings still in existence. Therefore, Moganshan has been known as Exotic Buildings Museum and is a key cultural relic under national level protection. 

The resort thoroughly implements the important thought that the lush mountain and lucid water are valuable assets. It promotes the global development of eco-resort tourism and has developed high-end resort industry represented by Hill Station. It has set an example for the development of homestay industry in China and is a mountain ecology resort integrated by homestay and home restaurants, outdoor leisure, agricultural sightseeing and culture creativity. It was ever appraised as one of the 45 most worthy tourism destinations by New York Times and is an international destination for rural tourism resort and tourism in China.

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Travel Map of Moganshan international Tourist Resort